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Summary of recommendations:

All travelers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure.


Hepatitis A

Recommended for all travelers

Hepatitis B

For travelers who will have intimate contact with local residents or potentially need blood transfusions or injections, especially if visiting for more than six months


For travelers at high risk for animal bites or involved in any activities that might bring them into direct contact with bats

Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)

Two doses recommended for all travelers born after 1956, if not previously given


Revaccination recommended every 10 years

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After 15 years, I have decided to retire from MD Travel Health. I started the site in the year 2000 because at that time, in the early days of the Internet, there was a need for a website that gave travelers a detailed, up-to-date review of all the health information they would need for any given country. Much has changed since then. In particular, the Centers for Disease Control has made vast improvements in their Travel Health website, available at www.cdc.gov. Most of the information that I have been providing is now available there, and I would encourage you to visit their site before going abroad.

If you are interested in either acquiring the domain name or the content of the MD Travel Health website, please contact me at goldbergid@aol.com.

Thank you for all your years of support. I've enjoyed this tremendously, and I hope you've found the website helpful.

David Goldberg MD